Adnan Aziz

Adnan is a leader, coach, developer and idea farmer. He has 10+ years experience of commercial product development with a close focus on Agile product development and continues innovation.

Currently he is leading teams in MYOB to develop their next generation cloud accounting service that gives consumers the choice of how to do the accounts: on desktop, in the cloud or both.

Previously Adnan coached teams to develop online consumer behaviour measurement products where he led software engineering, iterative product development, personal development and Agile portfolio management activities. Besides this he is involved in initiatives, runs agile blog and hosts/presents at Agile events.

Adnan started his Agile journey back in 2007 from Swinburne University during his part time Masters degree and over the last few years he has experienced rolling out agile in the multiple teams and has seen teams moving from waterfall to scrum and then adapting kanban and watched people resist change and later adapt the change for their betterment.

If you would like to get in touch with Adnan to hear about this success and failures you can find him on @adnanaziz and LinkedIn.