I am a thinker and collaborator who wants to share ideas, suggestions, notes and provide value to teams out there through my experiences and experiments. My journey to explore new areas in software product development starts from this blog, my medium term goal is to become an agile value coach and systems consultant, long-term goal is to publish my own book about agile product development.

Many teams have started riding on agile band wagon and we are producing Certified Scrum Masters’ per minute but does your team really understands what it means to be an agile? How quickly and easily your team develops new quality products? I might be able to help you with some of the answers.

My plan is to write twice a week and if you see missing posts please do awake me up on @adnanaziz. I’ll tell stories and ideas how I see it, and if you see any value in my posts please do give me constructive feedback.

Thanks for visiting :)